INSIDE AOC: The Adventures of a Nonprofit Marketing Firm

12 Apr
Facebook + Video = GAMECHANGER

I was meeting with a friend and mentor for lunch recently, and he pulled out his iPad to show me some video testimonials. They were hosted on an app developed for the organization on whose board he serves. Intrigued by the stories, I quickly learn...

Nonprofit Touchpoints
04 Apr
Nonprofit Touchpoints – Four tips for creating champions
By: David Chatham Depending on the source, experts suggest it takes between seven and 12 "touches" for a donor to make the decision to support a nonprofit organization. These touches, or touchpoints, take many forms and can occur throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.
30 Mar
You’ll Never Do It If You Don’t Start

Y'all, I recently did three things I'd never done before. Two of them are embarrassing to admit because they shouldn't have felt so daunting, but to me they were! Anyway, this week my wife, daughter and I moved into our first home...

24 Mar
Marketing Lessons from MJ: Ceiling is the Roof

On March 4th, in an epic 15-lead change game, UNC defeated Duke 90-83. As roused college students rushed Franklin street and celebrated by jumping over fires, the dominant hashtags for the night became #ceilingistheroof. What, why? During halftime of one of the greatest rivalries in sports, Hall...

14 Mar
3 Proven DIY Donor Cultivation Strategies

I love working in digital marketing. Each day, I have the incredible opportunity to make a real impact for the nonprofits Angel Oak serves. But as much as I love digital marketing, one of my greatest passions is donor cultivation. I love the process of...

High Five Conference 2017
07 Mar
4 Biggest Takeaways From 2017 High Five Conference

The first time I attended a conference on marketing, I was dead set on learning so many new things to apply to my work at Angel Oak. I took pages of notes, recorded countless website resources shared by the speakers and committed to integrating everything...

01 Mar

According to Cate's 2-part Girl Boss series a few weeks ago, a Girl Boss is smart, innovative, dynamic, efficient, motivated, intelligent…you get the picture. A Girl Boss rises through the ranks and literally becomes a boss in her profession or starts her own company. Cate...

16 Feb
Girl Boss: Part 2

When Cate found herself in the midst of a job transition, she realized she had never worked for a female leader, and this bothered her. With aspirations to do big things in her career, how could she learn to be a girl boss if she'd never seen...