INSIDE AOC: The Adventures of a Nonprofit Marketing Firm

09 Oct
Branding — You’re Doing It Wrong
Do you notice anything different about this page? Go on; look around the screen a little bit. Still not picking up what I'm putting down? Check out the top left hand corner. Woah! Does that logo look different? Yes. Yes, it does. Part of me only wrote this blog so that I had an excuse to post something on social media that linked to our new website. I mean, this thing is awesome. It doesn't compliment our brand. It's an extension of it. It exudes AOC.
05 Oct
Fight Song
I’m a non-confrontational person. Much happier rolling with the punches and keeping my thoughts to myself than proving a point or coming out on top. Confrontation wears me out, and I’d rather invest my energy in something positive. But sometimes you just don’t have a choice.
18 Sep
The Shark In the Tank
“Daggonit, why didn’t I think of that?” “There must be something everyone needs that doesn't exist yet.” “Surely there’s at least one app out there left to invent.” Do these types of thoughts race through your head? They sure do mine (thank you Shark Tank)!
02 Sep
On Life, Marriage and Work
By: Seth Crawford Work-life balance. Cutting through the clutter. How to stay focused when... These are some of the hot button topics I was going to try to expertly weave into my post today, but I'm not going to put you through that.
26 Aug
Media Relations: Dead or Alive?

By: David Chatham I may sound like an old geezer, but I’ve been a PR and marketing professional for almost 20 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes in that time. When I began my career, we were just getting into the swing of using email...

19 Aug
What a Clean Kitchen Really Means

By: Grace Casey Late night cleaning means one of two things for me… 1) I’m avoiding something that I really need to get done before the next day 2) I’m excited about something and don’t know where else to put the energy. Last night I found myself taking a...

06 Aug
Type A and Absent
By: Katie Brown I have a confession. Well, sort of. To anyone who knows me, or has worked with me on just about anything, this isn’t much of a confession. It’s more of a short, accurate statement. Here it goes…

I’m very Type A.

23 Jul
When They Start Calling You for Business

By: Caitlin Clinard I can’t believe I started a business. Some days, it feels like I’m dreaming and I’m about to wake up any minute. But I just pinched myself, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t a dream. I have a small business in Raleigh, N.C. We’ve...

Siri - The most hated woman in the world.
17 Jul
The Most Hated Woman in the World
Siri. That's right. The most hated woman in the world isn't even a woman. She's a phone. Actually, she's not even a phone; she's a "built-in intelligent assistant." Yeah, I just Googled that.
annual retreat
10 Jul
Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Get Away
I love my job for so many reasons, and I’m beyond blessed to be a part of Angel Oak! But even when you love the work you do day in and day out, sometimes you’ve just gotta get away. No question about it. So where am I going with this? You’re probably thinking - away from the team or away from work - but that’s not what I’m talking about here (although sometimes you’ve gotta do that too).