INSIDE AOC: The Adventures of a Nonprofit Marketing Firm

05 Mar
Guilty by Association

By Caitlin Clinard I heard a good piece of advice yesterday about blog writing. Know the message you want your readers to walk away with before you start putting pen to paper. Easy enough. Today’s message is simple. Don’t settle. These two words shouldn’t be foreign to you....

Jessica Sokal started Blue j Beads to spread autism awareness
26 Feb
Blue j Beads: Entrepreneur Spotlight

This week on the Inside AOC blog, we're featuring guest blogger, Jessica Sokal, a first-time business owner with a cause-based mission to boot. We'll let her explain: It all started with Blue. My younger brother Steven — or as I call him, Blue — was diagnosed...

19 Feb
Three best stories from the Sochi Olympics

By Seth Crawford The Olympics is one of the pinnacles of human achievement, an opportunity for athletes around the world to represent their country and prove themselves among the greatest competitors on the globe. It's a showcase of the amazing strength of the human spirit. And...

12 Feb
Tips for Achieving a Work/Life Balance

By Lauren Dickens These days we all have so many projects, deadlines and meetings circulating at once that sometimes we just want to throw in the towel and pour a glass of wine…or heck, drink the whole bottle. As on-the-go professionals, it’s hard for us to find...

05 Feb
How to deal with negative social media posts

By Seth Crawford Last year, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)  published an article on how to deal with negative comments online. The PRSA knows a thing or two about handling crises and negativity. And it kicked off its article with this, “Brand managers must learn...

Reflect and Redirect Your Life.
29 Jan
Reflect and Redirect your Life

By Seth Crawford From guest blogger, Living In Grace Life Coach, Darlene Smith. Did you know that statistics reveal that most of us have already broken our resolutions by the middle of January? I believe that is why January is a difficult month for many of us....

24 Jan
Two Years in Review: Lessons Learned

By Caitlin Clinard Angel Oak Creative is entering its third year of business. And let me tell ya, it's been a wild ride. In my post on Wednesday, I presented  four of seven lessons learned over the course of running a business for the past two years....

22 Jan
Two Years in Review: Perspective

By Caitlin Clinard If you read my last post before Christmas, then you might remember something about a “scramble to the finish line.” You also might remember my prediction that the holidays would come and go in a flash, and before we knew it, we’d be...

Google's Hummingbird algoritm makes SEO social
16 Jan
The Future of SEO

By Seth Crawford Technology, man. It just keeps trucking along. As soon as we feel like we've gotten a handle on the latest tool, a more advanced version comes out, and we have to start all over. For example, the specifics of SEO are updated constantly as Google...

09 Jan
Armstrong McQuire's Nonprofit Resolutions for 2014

Today's post comes from our great friend and ally in maximizing nonprofit potential, Bert Armstrong of Armstrong McQuire & Associates. Armstrong McQuire helps build the organizational capacity of nonprofits. Now, without further ado, here's Bert's post: ***** Earlier this week I came across a Top 10 list of personal...