INSIDE AOC: The Adventures of a Nonprofit Marketing Firm

27 Jul
Company Culture: The Mortar That Holds The Foundation Together
By: Matt Strickland Matt is the Executive Director of Band Together, a local organization using live music as a platform for social change.

A Firm Foundation

Have you ever truly noticed the foundation of a home? Really looked deep at the bricks holding up a house? The thin line between those bricks is mortar, and it's the glue that holds the foundation together. I dare say the most important part of the house.
Loyalists through Culture
21 Jul
How To Create Loyalists Through Culture
By: Cate McLeane   Everyday when I see this, 2:06 P.M., I turn to our designer extraordinaire, Grace Casey. And I ask, “Is it time? Are we doing it today?”9 times out of 10, she responds “Absolutely. I’m in”. We gather our belongings, put whatever dog is in the office on a leash, and we walk two blocks to our favorite place in Oakwood.
14 Jul
Culture: It’s What’s for Supper
By: Wells Thompson “Just let your company culture happen…” said NO ONE! And if someone does tell you this, smack them in the face. Hard. Not really, just don’t believe them. As we continue to dig into this vital concept of culture, let’s recap what we’ve covered so far. First off, company culture is basically the personality of a company. It’s what you believe, but more importantly, it’s how you live out those beliefs.
Company Culture
08 Jul
Company Culture: What It Is and How We Rock It
By: Wells Thompson Company culture. Everybody talks about it. But really, what is it? For some, ping pong tables, bean bag chairs and a free snack bar is what you think about when it comes to company culture. For others, becoming the next Facebook, Google or Apple is what pops into your head (btw...they've set the bar pretty daggon high).
AOC Culture
05 Jul
The Power of Culture
By: David Chatham For better or worse, every business has a culture. And the power of culture is very real. Or is it? Really, how important is culture in the bigger scheme of the business? According to a recent (2015) study by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, culture plays a huge role in an organization’s success. For example, more than 90% said that culture was important at their firms, while only 15% said their firm’s corporate culture was where it needed to be. Because it is so important, we’re focusing this quarter’s Nonprofit Nuggets on culture in the workplace.
A rising tide lifts all boats
23 Jun
A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats… Right?!
By Lindsey Blankenhorn A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats… Right?! Wikipedia told me President Kennedy’s speech writer, Ted Sorensen, coined this phrase in the 60s when trying to communicate about the economy, associating with the idea that improvements in the general economy will benefit all participants in that economy.
Social Media and Nonprofits
21 Jun
Social Media and Nonprofits: Better Together
By: Wells Thompson Do you ever wish we could go back to a simpler time? You know, no cell phones, Twitter or Facebook. No social media, period! Picture the Andy Griffith show. Never seen it? Do yourself a favor, and go watch it asap! The show will change your life forever (or maybe not, but you’re missing the point).
16 Jun
4 Strategies for Engaging Millennials
By: Cate McLeane Millennials will inherit $30 trillion dollars in the next two decades. Are you currently engaging this demographic of prospective donors? They may not be big givers right now, but this is a generous, justice-driven generation. Welcome to part two of a three part series on millennial engagement.
free as can be
09 Jun
Summer Camp Throwback!
By: Daphne Thompson Let’s just say yesterday morning wasn’t a typical morning at the office for me. On the contrary, it was extraordinarily refreshing, enticingly spontaneous and more fun than words. I’d probably go as far as saying yesterday morning was the most fun I’ve had before 10 a.m. in at least two decades (unless you count my honeymoon five years ago when I was out basking in the sun on a Caribbean island each day before 9:00 a.m. - or doing other things - but you’re missing the point). So what was it yesterday that has me pumped up to my very core? Can I get a…