INSIDE AOC: The Adventures of a Nonprofit Marketing Firm

Volunteer recruitment and retention takes work but is incredibly rewarding
07 Jun
Volunteer Engagement – Four Steps to Recruiting and Retaining
By: David Chatham At Angel Oak Creative we have the great fortune of speaking to nonprofit leaders on a daily basis. We hear the good, the bad, and the ugly of managing an organization. When it comes to the most common challenges we hear, it usually comes down to a handful of issues including fundraising, staffing, program delivery, and volunteer recruitment and retention. In this post, I'm going to focus on the latter.
Brand ambassadors can come from your volunteers
03 Jun
Brand Ambassadors — 5 Ways to Transform Your Volunteers

By: Seth Crawford Neglecting Volunteers is Costing You Revenue Coming out swinging today. Volunteer engagement is the most important tactic to your nonprofit's sustainability behind fundraising, but you're dropping the ball. You're content with posting a few volunteer opportunities a year in which people show up, receive a...

Tools laid out on wooden floor to represent tools needed for board training
26 May
Board Training: Tools to Build Your Dream Team

By: Daphne Thompson THE DREAM HAS FINALLY BECOME REALITY! After several months of lengthy conversations, late nights and more lunches than you can count, you’ve finally recruited the perfect board – four head honchos in the corporate space, two government officials with solid reputations, a few nonprofit experts, and three...

24 May
HOWDY DOODY: From the Newest Angel
By: Wells Thompson

Howdy doody!

  Even though I’m two blogs down as AOC’s newest marketing consultant, I feel like I should probably take a few to introduce myself. My name's Wells. Wells Thompson.
Self-Assessment for Boards
03 May
Self-Assessment: What’s Your Board Thinking?
By: Grace Casey What is your board thinking? More than half of all boards don’t do any sort of self-assessment. Recently I was working on a project with a client in which I was creating an infographic that was going to be used to communicate information about their organization. The client sent me an email with the information he wanted displayed with some thoughts on the style he wanted the graphic to embody.
Three Survey Tips
26 Apr
3 Survey Tips To Help Move The Dial…As Told By Jesus
As AOC focuses on engagement this quarter, we're reminded of the importance of staying well connected to those audiences that matter most to us. One of the ways to deepen relationships is through listening. Sadly, listening seems to be becoming the exception rather than the rule among many in both the nonprofit and for-profit communities.
How much is too much content?
21 Apr
Donor Engagement Content: What is Too Much?
By: Wells Thompson One of the main questions agencies get from folks these days is how much content is enough? They’re desperate to figure out how many emails to send, how many times to post on social channels, etc. And it’s never enough…right? Wrong.