31 Jul
Your Brand Stinks. It’s Time to Freshen it Up.

Angel Oak Creative’s creative, here. Thought I’d try my hand at writing for a change to try to convince you guys how much visuals impact your brand identity, and thus, your brand's reputation. We've worked on rebrands and refreshes that have pushed nonprofits forward and...

24 Mar
Marketing Lessons from MJ: Ceiling is the Roof

On March 4th, in an epic 15-lead change game, UNC defeated Duke 90-83. As roused college students rushed Franklin street and celebrated by jumping over fires, the dominant hashtags for the night became #ceilingistheroof. What, why? During halftime of one of the greatest rivalries in sports, Hall...

Seth and Maggie start Thanksgiving tradition in Blowing Rock
08 Dec
The Magic of Traditions

Family Traditions There's something magical about traditions. They seem to exist outside of reality and memory. Regardless of how the last time you celebrated the tradition went down, the expectation for the next time is always high. For example, when I was younger, Christmas was awesome. Apple cider...

The Power Of Suggestion
03 Oct
The Power Of Suggestion
By: John Wallace John's a marketing consultant, currently with futprint, who works with clients to develop strategic plans to promote growth and increase profitability.
28 Sep
Daddy Marketing – Knowing Your Target Audience

I recently learned a lesson about target audience marketing. It's nothing too profound, but I picked it up as I realized I had entered a new target audience. This it is - effective target audience marketing taps into something that only those in the target audience can...

How Healthy Is Your Nonprofit's Brand
20 Sep
How Healthy Is Your Nonprofit’s Brand?

By: David Chatham There’s a lot of chatter lately about Hillary Clinton’s health. She’s been having coughing fits and even fainted at a 9/11 ceremony. No matter your political bent, it's clear that Hillary’s position as a viable presidential candidate is being threatened by her perceived poor health. And...