09 Aug
5 Tips to Energize Your Communications

One of the biggest challenges for a nonprofit is to keep their communications fresh and engaging. Nonprofits can fall victim to uninspiring communications for any number of reasons. Maybe they've begun to focus too closely on the organization and not the cause. Or they fail...

Freedom from what?
06 Jul
Freedom! Freedom from what?

Freedom. It's what binds us and defines us as Americans. It’s what we celebrated this week on the 4th of July. The great independence day filled with fireworks, watermelon, pools, boats and the sporting of the timeless red, white and blue. But the interesting and...

Kevin Durant is a cupcake.
21 Jun
Kevin Durant is a cupcake. You should be too.

“This has been by far the most challenging few weeks in my professional life. I understood cognitively that I was facing a crossroads in my evolution as a player and as a man, and that it came with exceptionally difficult choices. What I didn’t truly...

30 May
Who Cares? 4 Tips to Better Understanding Your Audience

We’ve been talking a lot about storytelling recently. In the last month, we've covered how to use the media to tell your story, provided tips on what makes a compelling story and outlined how your nonprofit can make donors the hero of your brand story. The discussion...

02 May
Saving Galaxies One Story at a Time

By: David Chatham What is it about a great story that moves an audience to take action? My colleagues Seth Crawford and Cate McLeane have written two great pieces about the importance of telling stories about the people you serve and how to make them the...

Nonprofit Touchpoints
04 Apr
Nonprofit Touchpoints – Four tips for creating champions
By: David Chatham Depending on the source, experts suggest it takes between seven and 12 "touches" for a donor to make the decision to support a nonprofit organization. These touches, or touchpoints, take many forms and can occur throughout the lifecycle of the relationship.
24 Mar
Marketing Lessons from MJ: Ceiling is the Roof

On March 4th, in an epic 15-lead change game, UNC defeated Duke 90-83. As roused college students rushed Franklin street and celebrated by jumping over fires, the dominant hashtags for the night became #ceilingistheroof. What, why? During halftime of one of the greatest rivalries in sports, Hall...

3 Content Tips for 2017
04 Jan
3 Content Tips for 2017 from our #2016BestNine

It’s been a fantastic year for Angel Oak Creative. We’ve experienced incredible growth as a company and watched our clients grow their impact and tell their stories. Inspired by Instagram’s trending #2016BestNine, we wanted to see which of our blog posts made up our own best...

media relations success
13 Dec
Nonprofits in the News: Five Steps to Media Relations Success

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a client express their desire to be featured in a news story I would be a wealthy man. It seems like everybody wants to see their organization’s name in print. Of course, there are many...