Facebook + Video = GAMECHANGER

12 Apr Facebook + Video = GAMECHANGER

I was meeting with a friend and mentor for lunch recently, and he pulled out his iPad to show me some video testimonials. They were hosted on an app developed for the organization on whose board he serves. Intrigued by the stories, I quickly learn that more than 30 videos were integrated into this nonprofit application!

Blown away by this excellent content, I asked him if there was a reason the organization hadn’t posted the videos on Facebook (as a follower, I had never seen any of the videos on the organization’s page). He really didn’t have an answer, so he asked me why they should.

Here’s my answer, summed up in 3 points, as to why nonprofits and businesses need to be posting video content on Facebook.

1. Facebook LOVES Video, and rewards you for it


Have you noticed more videos in your feed lately? Facebook creates your user experience with some pretty complex algorithms. And currently, Facebook’s algorithms favor video content. This means that a post containing video is more likely to be displayed in your friends’ and followers’ feeds.

I see a lot of organizations investing in creating rich media content, and that’s awesome. But more often than not, the content is poorly distributed. Most organizations can’t rely on a video posted to YouTube or embedded on their website converting into a ton of views. To see results, you have to make your content accessible and easy to share.

So if you already have good video content, why would you not post it to Facebook?

2. Video is the most shared content type on Facebook


Video can tell a story more convincingly due to its immersive combination of visual and audio stimuli. Ultimately, it allows viewers to consume loads of information in a short amount of time. Because of its power and the experience it provides, people are more apt to share. Think about it. When you share an article, you are asking someone to make a real commitment to click on a link and read it. When you share a video, you’re asking your friends to spend a few minutes watching something that doesn’t require much effort.

Because video is favored by Facebook’s algorithms, and it’s the most shared content type on social media, you can see videos produce some pretty incredible results.

3. Combining video with Facebook’s boost capabilities produces undeniable results


As an organization or business, you can invest a small or large amount of money in boosting Facebook posts. The boost is pretty incredible when you look at how specific of an audience Facebook allows you to target when advertising. For example, you can invest $10 to make your post more visible to 30-year-old males living in Raleigh who’re interested in Christianity and Mountain Climbing. That’s pretty specific!

When combining video – the most shared content type on a social platform that favors it -with the power to target thousands of people with the click of a button, your message gets seen.

Creating a compelling story or message with video isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need professionals like Angel Oak to help you. But if you already have great videos, why not post them to Facebook?

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