Your Nonprofit Nuggets

Because your time is spent giving to others, here’s something for you. Nonprofit Nuggets are free resources to help increase your impact.
Whether it’s a few tips around how to better practice donor engagement or a video breaking down volunteer recruitment, everything on this page is designed to make life easier for nonprofit professionals.

Nuggets for the Taking

Where Marketing & Fundraising Meet

We come across a lot of nonprofits that separate marketing from development. Daniel Alexander from Jobs for Life shares his insight on the proven strategy of pairing storytelling with fundraising.

Keeping Your Donors

Kim Tschirret from Hope Hope Reins tells us that the secret to donor engagement is the “pretty printed piece.” We think so too which is why we asked her to share the importance of an annual report.

Overcoming the Board’s Fear of Making the Ask: Part Two

Always Ask! That’s some great advice from sales executive and two-time board member Ethan Drum when asked what one piece of advice he would give fellow board members. The most loving thing you can do is ask others to get involved in your mission.

Overcoming the Board’s Fear of Making the Ask: Part One

What’s the biggest challenge facing nonprofit boards? Ethan Drum provides great insight into the hurdles board members face and the opportunities they have in helping communicate their nonprofit’s vision.

Understanding the Value of Marketing:

Why should nonprofit boards invest in marketing? Marketing is the key to getting your message out there. Successful businesses invest in marketing to increase sales. Nonprofits should operate more like businesses to increase donations.

Navigating Challenges of Fundraising Events:

Nonprofit guru Cate Tidwell McLeane presents three areas in which AOC has seen nonprofits make mistakes in their fundraising events and how to avoid making these same mistakes at your next event.

Capitalize on Last Minute Year-End Events:

It’s not too late to plan your fundraising event? But because Q4 is an essential time for nonprofits to capitalize on the generosity of their donors, we got Cate Tidwell McLeane to share her best tips to get you rockin’ and rollin’.

Year-End Communication:

In our last video with Richard Newton, Senior Gift Advisor in Raleigh for the National Christian Foundation, we discuss when’s the optimal time to start your year-end communications.  It’s never too late, but the earlier you start, the better. He talks just how early in this episode.

Your Next Fundraising Event:

Many nonprofits are good at planning and executing an event. But they struggle to get the results they want (donations, contact information, etc). Cate Tidwell McLeane offers some great tips to get the results you want at your next fundraising event.