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Want some awesome resources to take your organization to the next level? Check out our NEW ebook on Building a Firm Marketing Foundation below! Don’t forget to share the love and let your colleagues know about these resources.

For more marketing magic, check out our Taming the Content Beast ebook as well. Happy reading!

Building a Firm Marketing Foundation

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Building a brand is hard work! Whether you’re creating a new brand, revisiting an existing brand or rebranding your nonprofit, the proven path to building a brand that lasts the test of time begins with a firm marketing foundation. In our newest ebook, we’ll walk you through the value of completing a marketing canvas, share case studies of marketing foundations in action and show how you can begin building a firm marketing foundation for your organization today!

Taming the Content Beast

Taming the Content Beast Sign-up


How can your nonprofit identify and extract the best stories from your people, convert them into an engaging format on a budget and establish a strategic plan to share your content?

If you don’t know it already, your organization is likely sitting on a gold mine of stories. The hard part is collecting, organizing and effectively sharing these stories. Creating content for your nonprofit can seem like a beast that can’t be tamed at times!