Your nonprofit’s brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It’s who you are. Not just the way your organization looks. A strong brand will be able to adapt and pivot with you as your organization grows. That’s why brand building isn’t as simple as running through a checklist of creative elements. It’s a process that includes:

  • Brand Research

an analysis of your nonprofit’s brand reputation and the public’s perception—what your stakeholders, the community at large and even your competitors are saying about you

  • Brand Identity

an exploration of your organization’s history, values, vision, mission, culture, voice/personality, key messaging and positioning as well as your target audiences

  • Visual Identity

an exploration of your nonprofit’s design preferences including logos, sub logos, logo variations, color palettes, mood boards and graphical and imagery elements

Whether we’re working with young nonprofits establishing their brand or experienced nonprofits entering the first stages of a rebrand, we always start by peeling back the layers. The epic logo comes last.