Raising money for a nonprofit is tough. But approach is everything. What if you believed you were blessing rather than guilting donors by inviting them into your mission? Or, that there was plenty of money to go around rather than a limited pool of funds (abundance vs. scarcity)? With these simple shifts in approach, any ask can be successful. Now, the ask just needs to be packaged. And that’s where dynamic marketing campaigns come into play. Give us a campaign goal and purpose, and we’ll use the power of strategy to build a captivating campaign plan, brand and case for support – complete with appropriate tactics. Campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. We specialize in:

  • End-of-Year Campaigns

an appeal to leverage the largest giving season of the year and close the gap (usually November-December)

  • Annual Campaigns

an appeal to fund an organization’s annual budget (usually spring or fall)

  • Capital Campaigns

an appeal to fund a targeted effort over a defined period of time (year-round)

  • Other Campaigns

appeals for lapsed donors, increased membership, volunteer engagement and community feedback (we’ve got you covered)