Simply stated, your organization needs to look the way it wants to be perceived. This is where dynamic design can elevate your brand, set you apart from other nonprofits, help you break through the noise and reflect the true value of your impact.

  • Collateral Development

These are tools in your toolbelt (think rack cards, flyers, brochures, cases for support, leave behinds, etc.). As visual processors, we need to see your nonprofit’s story and hold the call to action you’d like for us to take. Remember, out of site is out of mind.

  • Annual Reports

You have a fiduciary responsibility to report how you’ve used your donors’ funds. Before launching a new year of fundraising, make sure you’ve communicated to donors that you’ve been a good steward of their funds.

  • Impact Reports

At the end of the day, impact is what it’s all about. Don’t just share your financials. Share your impact too. Donors are inundated with asks. An impact report is an excellent touch with no ask – just a feel-good piece.

  • Direct Mail

Snail mail isn’t dead. The most strategic way to get someone’s attention is to launch multiple touchpoints across various communications channels. Though donors may go online to make their donation, you can’t discount the print piece that may have reminded them to do so.