Marketing isn’t rocket science. Once you’ve identified your nonprofit’s audience (and your message), all you have to determine is where they spend their time. There’s little question that audiences go to screens (mobile, tablet, laptop) to get their content these days. In fact, online charitable giving has grown over the past several years and is showing no signs of stopping. That’s why it’s more important than ever for nonprofits to have a documented digital marketing strategy executed by experts. Here’s what we offer:

  • Digital Audit

a deep dive into current initiatives, what’s working, what’s not, audience behavior and refinement to generate engagement and conversion

  • Content Strategy

a comprehensive plan to unearth rich content specifically tailored to your nonprofit’s mission

  • Digital Management 

a proactive approach to keep your nonprofit’s social and email channels relevant and robust (from graphics and statistics to images and thought leadership)

  • Website Development

an initiative to build an online experience that truly represents your mission – clean, story-driven, quality design and clear action steps

  • SEO

a process to increase the quality and quantity of your nonprofit’s website traffic

  • Digital Advertising

a strategy to send segmented messages to targeted audiences across online platforms

Bottom line – digital marketing is an overwhelming undertaking that can yield big results if managed properly or eat up chunks of time and money if managed casually. It’s hard to tame the content beast.