Poverty Alleviation

Nearly 90,000 people in Wake County are living in poverty. They are our neighbors, but behind the scenes they may be coming out of crisis situations, earning minimum wage, struggling to provide childcare for their families or barely keeping a roof over their head. Thankfully, nonprofits in Wake County are stepping up to fight for poverty alleviation and create opportunities for our community to succeed and thrive.

Angela Coleman
Step Up Ministry

Lindsey Blankenhorn
Carroll’s Kitchen

Youth Development and Empowerment

Youth homelessness is one of the most invisible issues in our community. And kids aren’t being equipped for success. Hear stories of mentorship, education, development and empowerment from the people investing in the future generation of our city.

Christal Carmichael
Communities In Schools of NC

Patricia Cardoso
Haven House Services

Emmanuel Holder & Denzell Henry
Neighbor to Neighbor

Raleigh is thriving.
But not everything is great.

Many of our neighbors are struggling, invisible in our thriving city. Underdeveloped youth, poverty, unemployment and mental illness are just a few of the issues crippling our otherwise flourishing home.

But there are heroes in our community who dedicate their lives through their nonprofit work to loving our neighbors and championing our causes.

Join us as we highlight these heroes through a 2018 video series. Because they believe people matter. And so do we.

Blogs from the Series

Finding Hope in Community

Like many of us, Anissa and her two daughters once lived without fear of where they were going to lay their head each evening. Then a bad break up with her boyfriend caused him to move out, and Anissa, now solely in charge of rent and utilities, found herself unable to pay the bills. Despite…

Collaborating to Fight Unemployment

“I haven’t been able to find a stable job in years and have no idea what else to do. I’m losing hope.” As Deborah* sits across from me, wiping tears from her eyes, she shares how she’s been unable to find stable, full-time employment since being laid off more than three years ago. “I have…

Standing on the Edge of Poverty

Have you ever had to live paycheck to paycheck? Do you know what it’s like to experience what appears to be “small problems of everyday life” but are actually devastating circumstances? Have you had “simple” car problems or medical issues that led you to the edge of a financial crisis? Sadly, and surprisingly, many people…

A Picture into Homelessness

The picture in Kiona’s hand was hard to look at: in the foreground, a pink and green rug and a white dresser with a lamp and pile of toys on top; in the background, a toddler-sized bed with a rumpled pink blanket and stuffed bear. Small sticks and branches littered the floor and the bed.…

Are You Really Too Busy?

Are you a busy person? Let me guess, you are. We’re all SO busy these days, and we wear our busyness like a badge of honor. Our standard response to, “Hey, how are you?” is, “Ugh, I’m SO busy. Let me tell you all the things that are keeping me so busy.” Blah, blah, blah.…

Transforming a Generation

I literally got mad at my microwave this morning. “How long should it take to reheat a cup of coffee?” I grumbled as I hit another 20 seconds on the key pad. Then I stopped, had a moment of clarity, and began to laugh. How absurd was it to get mad at losing 20 seconds…