More than 70 years ago, PTATS was originally founded to provide financial support to area Parent Teacher Associations to help fund their educational initiatives in the schools and community. As the needs of the community evolved, the PTATS mission evolved to meet those needs. While still providing donations to the PTAs, PTATS expanded its network of grantees to better serve the community. This resulted in some confusion about the organization’s mission and vision, and ultimately led to the national PTA leadership agreeing to fund the complete rebrand of the PTATS to more accurately reflect its revised mission and vision as a leader in furthering the causes of youth, justice and equity in the community it serves.



The feasibility study conducted revealed:

  • Brand confusion
  • Lack of clarity around mission, vision and messaging
  • Limited understanding of CommunityWorx impact
  • Website that was dated and not representative of the organization’s true value



  • Organizational rebrand, brand standards and messaging
  • Marketing foundation with clear mission, vision, values, uniques
  • Rebrand rollout strategy to launch new name and visual identity
  • New website


Eliminate brand
confusion in the

Implement strong
brand standards

Express mission
and vision more

Increase public
awareness of and

Create a more
effective digital


Organizational Rebrand
(to ensure clarity)
Ensuring excellent brand upheld with integrity and consistency.

Consistent and Segmented Internal Communication
(create marketing true north)
Reviewing and revising organizational mission, vision, values, uniques, goals, audiences and key messaging.

Transparent Reporting
(to raise awareness)
Creating a plan to effectively launch and build excitement and engagement around the new brand.

Design and Develop New Website
(to accurately reflect organizational value)
Improving the digital experience for visitors, supporters, partners and donors so they clearly understand the real mission and impact of the organization.


New, well-received name and visual identity with brand standards

Clear, compelling marketing foundation and segmented messaging for primary audiences

Effective and engaging brand launch strategy and execution

New, effective Communityworx website

Organizational Rebrand

brand, graphic design, digital

In an effort to more clearly and effectively visually communicate its work, we partnered with PTA Thrift Shoppe leadership to rename the organization to CommunityWorx and create a new logo that accurately represented the new name.

Marketing Foundation

story telling, strategy

In addition to formalizing branding standards, Angel Oak Creative built a marketing canvas to ensure consistency in messaging. The canvas work includes honing organizational mission and vision statements; values; uniques/differentiators; products/services; goals and objectives; audience segments; and key messages.

Rebrand Launch Strategy

brand, graphic design, story telling, strategy

With the new CommunityWorx brand built and marketing foundation developed, the next step was to build excitement around the announcement of the new brand. We created a rebrand launch strategy focused on informing and engaging CommunityWorx’s primary audiences. The plan included onsite events, social media and traditional media outreach, email marketing and direct mail efforts. We also provided a board training on how to activate the new branding and messaging.

Website Overhaul

digital, graphic design, story telling, strategy

As the primary destination for information about the organization for it’s primary audiences (thrift store shoppers, partners, donors), this was an important part of revising overall communications. Attention was strategically given to their various audiences that would be visiting the website and making it as easy as possible for them to find the information needed.