The Foundation of Hope (FOH) exists to conquer mental illness by investing in groundbreaking scientific research and mental health initiatives. FOH funds critical research focused on understanding the root causes of, and potential treatments for, mental illness. FOH engaged Angel Oak Creative to provide support for its Power of Research campaign to raise $85,000 to fund a specific grant designed to conduct research around how healthcare workers manage stress, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Angel Oak Creative worked with FOH to develop the Power of Research brand including creating the visual identity as well as the campaign strategy, core messaging and calls to action. Knowing that this campaign was going to be a quick one (under four weeks), we had to move quickly and determine the most impactful channels. We also had to find new and meaningful ways to connect with donors, even with the limitations posed by COVID-19, and begin to engage a younger audience as well.



  • Clearly communicate the complex message of the importance of funding research
  • Engage and encourage the FOH donor base to give via primarily digital channels
  • Make the connection between the scientific and the human/emotional aspects of research
  • Engage a younger audience
  • Overcome the stigma associated with mental illness



  • Campaign branding, messaging and strategy
  • Comprehensive digital strategy, including a dedicated landing page, social media, Facebook Ads and email
  • Digital content development
  • Newsletter insert and remit


promote awareness to raise $85k

express the urgency of this research due to COVID-19

engage a younger audience and build a base with them

showcase human stories to make it personal to readers

make a compelling case for support in an oversaturated market


establish excellent brand upheld with integrity and consistency; provide clarity

Comprehensive Campaign Strategy
engage current donors and acquire new ones via an integrated and primarily digital campaign strategy

Digital Content
leveraging digital platforms to effectively communicate the brand, messaging and calls to action of the campaign

Campaign Branding and Messaging
branding, strategy

With the goals of raising $85,000, engaging current donors and acquiring new donors, Angel Oak Creative developed the Power of Research campaign brand, which included a wordmark, tagline and core messaging as the foundational elements of the campaign.

Gray and green graphic with the text 'the power of research'

Campaign Strategy, Overview and Timeline

Following our proven process for developing successful campaigns, Angel Oak Creative built out a comprehensive and integrated campaign strategy, overview and timeline to serve as the true north of the campaign.

Digital Content Strategy and Content Calendar
strategy, digital

Angel Oak Creative developed a plan that included social media, email, a landing page and multimedia content to ensure the most engaging and compelling calls to action were communicated consistently and clearly across multiple channels and to create a seamless user journey for individuals. We conducted interviews with a donor, a researcher and two COVID-19 frontline workers to portray a variety of perspectives in our storytelling and better connect the human element with the research element of the campaign.

Facebook Ads
strategy, digital, graphic design

To generate awareness and begin cultivating a younger audience, we launched Facebook Ads for the first time to promote the Power of Research campaign. With ads running for just a few weeks, we reached more than 50,000 people within our target audience and demographics, the first touchpoint for a new audience that we’re seeking to grow and engage in the future.



Donor Increase


new target audience reached via Facebook Ads


donors engaged during the four weeks (55 online/36 mail-in)


raised (exceeded goal by $26,525)