North Raleigh Ministries believes God desires for everyone to thrive. That’s why they operate their Crisis and Development Center with a mission to equip families and individuals in crisis with the resources and skills they need to achieve stability. NRM first approached Angel Oak Creative to help the organization undertake a rebrand of its visual identity. Once the branding work was complete, North Raleigh Ministries engaged us to help develop a fundraising communications strategy with the goals of growing their donor base and increasing fundraising apart from their Thrift Shoppe operations. When NRM approached us, they had just 98 donors in their database and raised just a few thousand dollars per year in direct financial donations.



  • Weak branding
  • Lack of fundraising communications strategy
  • Small and unengaged donor base
  • Limited awareness of NRM’s Crisis and Development Center
  • Negative impact of COVID-19 on revenue



  • Organizational rebrand, brand standards and messaging
  • Development of annual fundraising campaign brand and communications
  • Crisis communications initiative
  • Annual fund campaign execution


improve visual identity

implement strong branding standards

increase fundraising via direct donations

grow major donors and donor base

generate public awareness


Organizational Rebrand
ensure an excellent brand upheld with integrity and consistency

Develop Annual Campaign Brand and Strategy
build the Open Arms Open Doors annual fund brand, messaging and communications strategy

Annual Fund Campaign Execution
create a plan to effectively launch and build excitement and engagement around the new annual fund and maintain support over time

Crisis Communications
leverage regional, traditional and social media to increase awareness of the impact of COVID-19 on the organization

Visual Identity Rebrand
branding, strategy

In an effort to more clearly and effectively visually communicate its work, we partnered with North Raleigh Ministries leadership to create a new logo that accurately represented the organization’s value and mission.

Previous North Raleigh Ministries logo in all black and serif typeface


New North Raleigh Ministries logo in black blue with uppercase sans serif typeface


Previous North Raleigh Ministries logo in all black and serif typeface


New North Raleigh Ministries logo in black blue with uppercase sans serif typeface


Annual Fund Campaign Brand and Communications Strategy
branding, design, strategy

After conducting a deeper discovery into the organization, its current donors and universe of prospective supporters, Angel Oak Creative recommended developing an annual fundraising effort to create a consistent, recognizable campaign brand and messaging that would engage current and prospective donors and point them to the need to financially support NRM’s Crisis and Development Center. We developed the Open Arms Open Doors annual campaign brand with messaging focused on raising awareness of the value and impact of the Center and its important role in the community.

Annual Fund Execution Strategy
branding, design, strategy

With the new Open Arms Open Doors campaign brand built and messaging developed, the next step was to generate excitement around the campaign. We created an annual fund execution strategy focused on engaging current donors and raising awareness among target audiences. The plan included social media and traditional media outreach, email marketing and direct mail efforts, along with refreshed photography to bring their work to life.

Public Relations/Crisis Communications
branding, strategy

As we all know, 2020 created new challenges for all nonprofits, and NRM was no exception. Due to COVID-19, it had to close both of its Thrift Shoppes, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars in daily revenue while demand for their services increased exponentially. NRM leadership turned to us to again help them develop a strategy to increase awareness of their situation and to quickly raise funds to support the Crisis and Development Center.

Two-Pronged Strategy

reach out to current donors utilizing the Open Arms Open Doors messaging platform to ask for their support during this crisis

leverage traditional media and social media to increase public awareness of the Center’s situation and how they can help


Donor Increase


donor increase
(from 98 to 1,300+ in two years)


new major donors added to donor base


raised through 2020 fundraising initiatives

Campaign Fund Growth