Trinity Academy is a private classical Christian school based in North Raleigh. The school was established in 1995 and continues to grow the strength of its educational offerings and awareness in the community. In 2017, Trinity engaged a local fundraising consultancy to deliver a comprehensive feasibility study in preparation for a potential capital campaign. The results launched a critical 18 months of strategic communications.



The feasibility study conducted revealed:

  • A lack of transparency about the financial status of the school
  • Need for more communication from the board of directors
  • Clearer demonstration of efforts to attract new families
  • More consistent communication to community members



After delivering a comprehensive communications audit, SWOT analysis and key recommendations, we created an integrated strategy, clear tactics and effective tools to engage current constituents, cultivate current and prospective donors and recruit prospective new families. We worked hand-in-hand with Trinity staff to ensure our efforts were aligned and cohesive and that we were adding value in the most critical places.



Increase Annual
Fund Participation

Increase Annual
Fund Giving Total

Prepare Community
for Capital Campaign


Strengthen Brand
(to drive affinity)
Ensuring all communication from the school follows visual branding standards and embodies the brand personality of Trinity.

Consistent and Segmented Internal Communication
(to deepen connection)
Provide meaningful, clear, consistent and digestible communication to internal constituents, segmented per audience according to their vested interest.

Transparent Reporting
(to build trust)
Increase communication from board to school, prioritizing annual report content and dissemination and integrating capital campaign updates in all relevant communication pieces.

Enhance Prospective Family Experience
(to welcome effectively)
From first digital touchpoint to the website experience to their tour on campus to follow-up communication, improving the journey and providing coherent messaging.


Admission Increase




New Students

Retention Rate


Trinity Fund Increase

Parent Participation

Staff Participation


Total Contributions

Annual Report 2016-2017

campaigns, graphic design, multimedia, story telling

Annual reports are a critical way to demonstrate effective stewardship of entrusted resources back to constituents. The 2016-2017 annual report was the first created in six years. A feasibility study conducted in preparation for an upcoming capital campaign revealed that Trinity families wanted more transparency and to understand how resources were being spent. This annual report aimed to do that in a visually compelling way, sharing both data and stories to engage the viewer. The print piece was combined with four video stories, all of which were strategically shared over the course of one month on email, web and social media platforms.

Website Overhaul

digital, graphic design, storytelling, strategy

As the primary landing spot for both internal constituents and prospective families to get information, this was an important part of revising overall communications. Attention was strategically given to their various audiences who would be visiting the website and making it as easy as possible for them to find the information needed.

Corporate Champion Strategy

graphic design, storytelling, strategy

Creating an opportunity for businesses to invest in Trinity and experience the perks of getting their brand in front of potential customers in the school community is brilliant! Angel Oak worked to make this program stronger by enhancing perks, creating a brand, strengthening communications and building tools.

Exceptional Evening

multimedia, storytelling, strategy

What a night! Angel Oak provided input on event flow and script. Additionally, Angel Oak created an alumni video story to feature at the event, drawing attention to the ultimate results of a Trinity education.

SEO/Google Ads

digital, strategy

In an effort to reach families in the larger Raleigh area, we engaged in digital efforts to optimize all platforms for prospective families to find Trinity online. The current website was optimized for the searches families are utilizing. A monthly Google Ads campaign was launched to ensure Trinity maintains a 1-3 ad position for relevant searches. These efforts continue to be refined monthly and are yielding results through impressions and clicks. All of this should only enhance the tour inquiries, applications and ultimately enrollment numbers for the 2019-2020 school year.

Annual Report 2017-2018

campaigns, graphic design, multimedia, storytelling

Following the great success of the 2016-2017 annual report, this piece only built on that momentum. It dropped in mailboxes right after Thanksgiving and was therefore able to include a hard ask for involvement in the Trinity Fund. This piece and the ask yielded giving participation growth from 28 gifts to 88 gifts and giving growth from $14k to $57.5k!


multimedia, storytelling

Visual storytelling is a powerful tool for showing people the Trinity Difference and not just telling them about it. Angel Oak was able to produce five videos to showcase the Trinity difference through the eyes of key faculty and staff members.

Alumni Newsletter

graphic design, storytelling

As Trinity matures, so does its alumni base! Made up of only recent college grads early on, now it includes professionals established in their career and young families. These alumni, who know and understand deeply the value of a Trinity education, are now in the place to be donors to the institution and/or parents. Continuing to provide connection points to an evolving Trinity as well as inviting them to invest their time, talent and resources is essential for the continued health of the school. A segmented newsletter is an annual tool launched this year to connect with alumni personally.

Grandparents Newsletter

graphic design, storytelling

Grandparents continue to be a significant part of the Trinity Academy community through their loving contributions as volunteers and donors. Their engagement with and care for their grandchildren nurtures a positive energy on campus. As Trinity continues to work on segmented, focused and strategic communications, a separate print piece annually made sense as an engagement tool. This newsletter ensures grandparents know just how special they are and invites them intentionally into the various ways they can contribute to the life of Trinity Academy.

Print Advertising

graphic design, storytelling, strategy

Print advertising continues to reach specific audiences. While the majority of investment went towards digital advertising, Angel Oak Creative created two print ads to showcase Trinity’s educational excellence.