Our Services

Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing, we know what works for nonprofits. Our strategic marketing plans can set you up for the year, complementing your annual development strategy, or guarantee that your next fundraising event hits its mark. Whatever the level of involvement, we always deliver strategy built around your goals. We understand the significant challenges nonprofits face every day as they balance audacious missions with humble budgets and limited manpower. And we know that without a concrete strategy, marketing goals are destined to fail.

Content Marketing

You want to have a robust social media strategy or a thriving blog, but you can’t possibly think of enough unique things to talk about. You’re not alone. From graphics to statistics to images to thought-leadership, we help our clients unearth rich content specifically tailored to their missions and focus.

Digital Marketing

According to nptrust.org, online charitable giving grew by 13.5% in 2013, its second-consecutive year of double-digit gains. This tells us that it’s more important than ever for nonprofits to have a documented digital marketing strategy executed by experts. We’re talking paid search, paid ads, social media, email marketing, online donation forms, online fundraising platforms like Pure Charity and FirstGiving. Bottom line – digital marketing is an overwhelming undertaking that can either yield big results if managed properly or eat up chunks of cash if managed casually.

Graphic Design

Text on a page is boring. Statistics on a page is mind numbing. Great graphics can help bring websites and collateral to life. They have a way of adding a sense of professionalism and legitimacy that clipart and pixelated Google images simply cannot. With a stable full of strategic thinkers, our team can match the appropriate types of visuals with your goals. Maybe it’s a series of web banners to compliment a campaign or a unique mark for a new event. Perhaps it’s an infographic displaying your organization’s impact. Whatever the need, we’ll provide you with the strategic thinking and creative intuition needed to produce a game-changing design.

Website Development/Management

People will choose not to donate to an organization based on its website. Clunky navigation, poor messaging and antiquated layout could be costing your organization money. An Angel Oak Creative website includes a clean, robust user experience, mobile optimization, high-quality graphics, clear calls to action and a backend that will allow you to take the reigns once the site is complete (if so desired). We also offer monthly website management should a client prefer that we streamline the process and make regular website updates for them.

Multimedia Production

Sometimes a simple graphic or story doesn’t do your work justice. Especially if your work involves interacting with people, it’s always more effective for others to witness your mission in action. Unfortunately there is no way to get every potential donor out there to stop by and check out what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis. But a carefully crafted video or motion graphic that shows/explains your organization doing what it does best can be the catalyst necessary to win over the hearts of those on the fence about committing to your organization.

Event Planning/Management

Don’t let the creative ideas fool you. When it comes to planning and managing an event, we’re as Type A and detail-oriented as they come. Whether it’s planning an annual golf tournament or building a five-month, three-event campaign from the ground up, we’re capable of turnkeying events of almost any scale. This planning includes everything from branding and promotion down to volunteer training and day-of logistical execution. Trust us, for an all-day event, you’re going to want the angels overseeing!

Promotional Marketing

Don’t lose out on opportunities to get your brand out in front of potential stakeholders. We’ve got you covered when it comes to branded materials like shirts, magnets, phone chargers, boomerangs…you name it, we have it. Promotional marketing provides value by allowing you to create inexpensive leave-behinds emboldened with your organization’s mark. Brand the right item, and your logo may be on display all over your community.


Budgets are tight. As frustrating as it may be, perhaps you’re not in a position to invest in a new website, annual marketing plan or three-month campaign. Maybe you feel you could build your own marketing plan or handle your own media relations if you had a bit of guidance. We’re available to listen to your questions and provide you with strategic consulting to help you tackle any of the aforementioned services efficiently and effectively.

Brand Development

A lot of people think branding is just a logo. And that’s why there are very few strong brands out there. A brand is who you are. It’s not just the way you look. It’s the feeling you invoke in those who come across your organization. It’s the story that explains the ‘why’ behind what you do. Brand building isn’t as simple as running through a checklist of creative elements. It’s a process. Whether we’re working with young nonprofits still searching to establish their brand or experienced nonprofits entering the first stages of a rebrand, we always start with peeling back the layers of the organization and its culture. The epic logo comes last.

Brand Cultivation

The word cultivate means to grow or nurture something. In the case of brands, it’s impossible to simply create a brand and never think about it again. It’s not a statue. It’s the dynamic embodiment of your entire organization. As your organization grows, adapts and changes, it’s important to stay mindful of the public’s perception of your brand. A bad brand reputation can outweigh the quality of an organization’s work, so we place high priority on keeping a pulse on the community’s overall perception of our clients. And in the process, we create the necessary tweaks to websites, messaging, visuals and media coverage to nurture the brand’s growth.


It’s sometimes difficult to step back and see the forest through the trees. The big picture gets lost in minute details. This isn’t to say the details aren’t important, but what resonates with your stakeholders is the broad, overarching story. Not the minutia. The ‘how’ behind what you do may be too complex for the average donor. Angel Oak Creative is masterful at helping organization’s identify the “why” behind what they do and crafting a succinct, compelling message to which people outside the organization can relate.

Media Relations

Wonder why your press releases never seem to get picked up? It’s because effective media relations is about two-way communication. It requires learning what different reporters like to write about and how they like to receive news tips. We regularly check in with our media contacts, searching for ways in which we can provide them with valuable story ideas. This allows for our pitches to be targeted and strategic, resulting in meaningful coverage for our clients.

Community Engagement

More so than any other sector, nonprofits are intimately involved in their communities. Many audiences make up the community, and all too often nonprofits have a hard time relating to all of these various groups. We seek to identify the different audiences within our clients’ communities and strategically determine the best ways to engage them.

Campaign Development/Management

Raising money is just tough. But it ultimately comes down to reinvigorating existing donors and capturing the attention of potential donors. There’s no better way to do this than by building a dynamic campaign. Give us the goal and the purpose, and we’ll use our strategic superpowers to build a captivating campaign complete with all the appropriate tactics.

Board Development/Engagement

This is one of our greatest value adds. Specializing in nonprofit marketing has given us a unique skillset in dealing with nonprofit boards. Your board is invaluable to the success of your organization, so if your board members aren’t actively fundraising or offering professional expertise, they’re not doing their jobs. We make it a point of emphasis to make sure board members are actively participating. Since they usually live very busy lives, we seek to make their lives easier through trainings and the creation of board ambassador packets. We also come alongside board chairs and executive directors in drafting and enforcing board requirements to make sure the right people are at the table.

Collateral Development

Annual Reports. Flyers. Brochures. Pamphlets. One-sheet leave behinds. Mailers. Nonprofits face such a vast range of collateral needs, and odds are, we have experience developing and printing the next project in your pipeline. As with all of our services, when we develop a piece of collateral, we don’t simply put together the design and call it a day. We immerse ourselves in your organization and provide proactive recommendations in route to the best product possible.

Value-Added Services