We believe that missions for good can transform a community. That’s the core belief that led to our founding and drives our work. Giving back to our local community through time, talent and treasure is a fundamental part of who we are. Angel Oak Cares is the charitable arm of our business. We strategically and intentionally invest in organizations with high potential for impact. Because we care! We believe that philanthropy makes us better and satisfies our souls, but more importantly, it’s responsible business.






Because we work with nonprofits every day, we know that sometimes they just need manpower (capacity). So, we offer them our time. We also recognize that some nonprofits just need an extra boost when it comes to marketing. So, we donate in-kind work to client initiatives with the highest need and greatest potential for impact. Finally, we believe in the power and purpose of philanthropic giving. And since we help nonprofits fundraise on a daily basis, we’d be pretty inauthentic if we weren’t contributing our own funds. So, we donate a portion of our revenue as well.

We’re committed to praying for our clients, our community and YOU. All requests will be kept confidential.

Got an idea for Angel Oak Cares? Drop us a line below to send us your thoughts!