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2020 was a year like no other. It required resilience, patience, strength and determination – it required toughness. No one displayed grit more than our nonprofit community. But our nonprofit sector has always been tough. They bravely step into impossible challenges, tackle the most difficult problems facing our community and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

For many in our community, every day is a crisis. And our nonprofits show up for them, day after day after day. This is what it means to be nonprofit tough. Does your nonprofit have what it takes?


Partnerships are essential when it comes to creating a tough nonprofit community, like we have in the Triangle. Our last Nonprofit Tough feature with Healing Transitions shows the magic that happens when businesses, the community and nonprofits come together to solve problems, create opportunities and make their world a better place.


Join us for these informal conversations (Zoom style!) with some pretty fantastic folks who demonstrate what it means to be a tough nonprofit and part of a tough nonprofit community.

Gail Perry and Kathryn Gamble are some of the most respected and in-demand fundraising professionals around. We had the honor of Talking Tough with them about our next trait and why nonprofits should focus on being relational rather than transactional when it comes to engaging with their donors.

In our first “Talking Tough” interview, Bear McBride, Communications Coordinator from Healing Transitions, dives into the first of five tough traits: compelling. Listen in as he shares why having a compelling story makes for a tough nonprofit. More interview videos coming soon as we dive into all five tough traits!

In this interview we talk with Barbara Jessie-Black, President and CEO of CommunityWorx. We discuss what it takes to exhibit driven nonprofit leadership.

In this interview we talk with Jackie Jordan Welker, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications at Make-A-Wish® Eastern North Carolina. Jackie explains how to inspire others and make wishes come true even with limited resources.

Nonprofit Tough organizations make building and maintaining clean data a priority. Knowledge is power. So having the ability to know your donors preferences, backgrounds, interactions and history is a critical step in becoming a Nonprofit Tough organization. Maggie and her board just invested in a CRM to help them clean up their data and leverage it for creating a more intimate and fruitful relationship with their donors.

This interview is with Merald Holloway, CEO of NC 100 and program manager at Rural Forward/MDC. We’re discussing what it means to be an effective nonprofit how that helps make an organization Nonprofit Tough. Merald works every day with nonprofits helping them increase their efficiency and impact. He shares words of wisdom gained from years of experience on the front lines equipping organizations to be Nonprofit Tough!

In this interview we talk with Arlene Brown of the The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Triangle NC about the importance of being collaborative in community. Arlene is an ambitious professional with a knack for empowering others to create strong results. Collaboration is written all over this conversation!

In this interview we talk with Meaghan Lewis from Cape Fear Collective about using data to be collaborative for collective impact. Meaghan is the Director of Programs at Cape Fear Collective.

In this interview we talk with Amber Smith, Executive Director at Activate Good. We talk about what it takes to create a generous nonprofit community.

In this interview we talk with Amy Strecker, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Duke Energy Foundation, about what it looks like to be an empowering community. Amy provides real suggestions for how to build a relationship and gain access to the $20 million per year Duke Energy Foundation grants to North Carolina organizations.

In this interview we talk with Brandi Gerew of TowneBank about what it means to be empowering in a Nonprofit Tough community. TowneBank is one of the few banks that has a dedicated nonprofit practice that serves more than 300 nonprofits. Plus, they have a Foundation to which they donate 3% of their profits each year and provide grants to nonprofits in their service areas (eastern NC and Virginia).

In this interview we talk with Allan Burrows and Clare Jordan from CapDev. We take a deep dive into community engagement and moving beyond transactional relationships.

As executive director of a nonprofit and mayor of Ahoskie, Weyling White has learned a thing or two about the need for communities to be responsive and how it makes them Nonprofit Tough! Check out this latest Talking Tough episode featuring Weyling and some great insights into how communities and nonprofits can be ready when the unexpected hits.



Use #nonprofittough to share why you think your nonprofit is TOUGH.

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