INSIDE AOC: The Adventures of a Nonprofit Marketing Firm

Nonprofits and The Path to Character
06 Oct
Nonprofits and The Path to Character

I was recently inspired and moved by a commencement speech given by NY Times columnist and renowned author, David Brooks. As he was addressing the graduates of Dartmouth's class of 2015, he reminded them of their incredible privilege — their academic rigor, their supportive teachers...

The Power Of Suggestion
03 Oct
The Power Of Suggestion
By: John Wallace John's a marketing consultant, currently with futprint, who works with clients to develop strategic plans to promote growth and increase profitability.
28 Sep
Daddy Marketing – Knowing Your Target Audience

I recently learned a lesson about target audience marketing. It's nothing too profound, but I picked it up as I realized I had entered a new target audience. This it is - effective target audience marketing taps into something that only those in the target audience can...

How Healthy Is Your Nonprofit's Brand
20 Sep
How Healthy Is Your Nonprofit’s Brand?

By: David Chatham There’s a lot of chatter lately about Hillary Clinton’s health. She’s been having coughing fits and even fainted at a 9/11 ceremony. No matter your political bent, it's clear that Hillary’s position as a viable presidential candidate is being threatened by her perceived poor health. And...

Vintage Church Culture
22 Aug
Vintage Church Culture: Worth The Work
By: Matt Stevens Matt leads the creative vision of Vintage Church as Creative Arts Pastor, overseeing the creative vision and expression of all three Vintage churches, as well as leading worship at Vintage Church Downtown. He's a stud!
Culture Zombies
18 Aug
A Culture Worthy of Zombies
By: Seth Crawford It happens so quick. Usually when you least expect it. I mean, no one walks into a local bank branch expecting to become a zombie. But it happens everyday. That's right, people. Companies that get it can have you infecting and converting others into zombies for their brand faster than you can say, "Wait, I thought this is a blog on culture?"
Never Stop Learning
11 Aug
Is Your Company Investing In You?
By: Daphne Thompson

A Culture of Learning

Behind every strong company is its people. Ever heard that saying? I’m sure you have. What about…behind every strong man is a stronger woman? Bet you’ve heard that one too (just couldn’t help myself). Moral of the story, oftentimes it’s the action going on behind the scenes that creates strength and beauty. Let me tell you a bit about my company and what goes on behind the scenes here that makes us strong, both as a thriving company and individuals.