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Weekly Roundup
16 Apr
Your Favorite AOC Posts From 4/11-4/15
This quarter, our team is committing our content marketing efforts to Engagement, and this week we particularly focused on Donor Engagement. Your favorite posts this week dealt with the key to successful donor engagement, how to engage millennial donors, and how to establish a donor engagement strategy. If you missed anything, get caught up with the links below!
Engaging Millennials With Your Nonprofit
15 Apr
Engaging Millennials: Turn Unicorns into Whales
First in a series on Philanthropy and Millennials.  By: Cate McLeane

Future of Millennial Impact

What to do with all these lazy, entitled millennials? Are they really the generation that’s going to lead our nation’s nonprofits through the unique challenges of the future? Hate to break it to you but...yeah.
Secret Sauce for Donor Engagement
12 Apr
Donor Engagement – The Secret Sauce
By: Seth Crawford

Confession Time

After three years of working with nonprofits on how to reach new donors and keep existing donors, I just discovered the secret pineapple-infused ghost pepper sauce for donor engagement.
Weekly Roundup
08 Apr
Your Favorite AOC Posts From 4/4-4/8

We had a full week this week at Angel Oak Creative! We gave our Nonprofit Nuggets page a facelift, produced two very popular pieces on donor engagement, and our very own Sethy C was featured in a booming podcast. If you missed it, catch up on the...

Top 5 Tips for Donor Engagement
05 Apr
Top 5 Tips for Successful Donor Engagement
By: David Chatham Donor engagement is a critical aspect of building and sustaining a successful nonprofit organization. Our friends at Mission Increase Raleigh talk about transformational giving as opposed to transactional giving. It's not just about securing donors but about building champions who focus on furthering the cause, not just supporting it financially.
Event Planning Gone Wrong...Or Not
31 Mar
Event Planning Gone Wrong…Or Not
By: Daphne Thompson You know that feeling when your heart drops, time stands still and the ‘oh, sh*t’ factor sets in? We’ve all been there. For some, it may be right before the jury gives its verdict. For others, it may be the second they realize the alarm clock didn’t go off. And for those in the lovely world of event planning, chances are the feeling of utter anxiety sets in the moment your feet hit the ground on the morning of the big day.
Round table keys to success
30 Mar
Round Table – 3 Keys to Success
By David Chatham Angel Oak Creative hosted our first round table of 2016 last week, and it reminded me just how valuable it is to bring together like-minded people to share encouragement, best practices and industry insights.
Mini Cooper used its weakness (size) as an advantage
24 Mar
Weakness. Own it.
By: Caitlin Clinard One of my favorite passages in the bible is when the Lord encourages us that His grace is sufficient for us, and His power is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12). Because of this promise, the apostle Paul is able to rest in the fact that when he’s weak, then he’s strong.